What is it about?

The intention of closing the 174 years old successfully producing railway-factory »Waggonfabrik TALBOT« (Bombardier site in Aachen) was proclaimed without explanation from the management in Berlin. Now all employees are fighting for their jobs, for their families and for all regional suppliers, because they are convinced of their work, their products and their membership of the Euregio-region (a region of Gemany, Belgium and The Netherlands).


Bomardier Aachen produces high quality trains for mass transit, especially for German and Dutch railways-companies.
The customers are very satisfied. The plant in Aachen produces profitably.
There are still obligations until at least mid-2013 to provide trains. Overtime and extra shifts would have been necessary to deliver in time. Meanwhile the workers council has cancelled every overtime and extra shifts, because the management doesn´t agree to any negotiation.
The Corporate Executive Board in Berlin and Canada wants to take existing projects abroad rather than producing in Aachen. Offers from politicians and associations to bridge any gaps were denied from the management in Berlin so far. A self-imposed and propagated margin of 8% to shareholders is more important to them than the jobs in this promising industry with their eco-friendly products. Incidentally, the factory in Aachen has exceeded this margin often enough, but obviously it is not enough for them any more.

Where do you see trains made in Aachen?

Approx. 90% of the moving trains in the Netherlands come from Aachen (SLT, VIRM IRM). In the Euregio, Austria, Norway and even in Canada runs the TALENT CLASSIC. It was one of the most innovative developments in urban transport. (Not to be confused with the »Talent 2«: It was developed in Berlin and only the name was taken from Aachen.)

The Solidarity Committee …

… consists of people who do not accept uncontradictedly this ruthless, brutal and senseless behavior of the executive committee. This includes unionists also of other industries, activists from different political parties, associations, groups and churches. They feel connected to the colleagues at Bombardier in Aachen and want to support them and stand side by side.
Solidarity and collective responsibility does not end at the exit of their own company. Workers need to stick together, organize and fight back. Therefore everybody is welcome who wants to support the idea of ​​solidarity. We need many helping hands and ideas.